Epilepsy Patients & Caregivers

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Listening to patients has been at the heart of GW’s research efforts since our company’s founding in 1998. In the early years, GW’s research efforts in the UK focused on responding to the needs of patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and resulted in the development and approval of Sativex® as a new treatment for spasticity due to MS. In recent years, GW has been determined to respond to the needs of children with severe and highly treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy, and has focused its efforts on the development of Epidiolex® as a potential new treatment option to address this important medical need.

Maintaining our focus on the potential benefit to patients has been a consistent driving force in GW’s research program and progress to date. GW is in a unique position to develop and manufacture consistent cannabinoid formulations worldwide at sufficient quality, uniformity, scale, and sophistication to meet international regulatory requirements.

If you are interested in participating in a GW-sponsored clinical trial, please have your physician contact GW at: medicalinformation@gwpharm.com. For medical enquires relating to Epidiolex® in the USA only, please email medinfo.USA@gwpharm.com or call 1-877-886-2810.