GW Pharmaceuticals (GW), along with its U.S. subsidiary Greenwich Biosciences, is a pioneering global biopharmaceutical company that has established a world-leading position in cannabinoid science and medicines over the last 20 years. GW’s mission is to transform the lives of seriously ill patients through developing and delivering rigorously tested cannabis-derived pharmaceutical medicines. Our aim is to develop regulatory-approved medicines with documented safety and efficacy profiles that are manufactured to the highest standards. 

GW’s research efforts initially focused on the unmet needs of patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), while in recent years the Company has focused on helping children and adults with severe, life-threatening forms of epilepsy. Looking to the future, GW’s deep scientific knowledge and extensive body of research is enabling the Company to explore new therapeutic areas, including neurology, oncology, psychiatry and autism spectrum disorders.

Since the Company was founded in 1998, more than 6,000 patients globally have been involved in GW’s clinical trials, and the Company has collected more than 80,000 years of human safety data, been featured in more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, and generated high-quality evidence which has appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. In October 2018, TIME magazine named GW one of the 'Top 50 Genius Companies of 2018 That Are Inventing the Future' in recognition of this work.

We are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our patients. GW Pharmaceuticals, PLC is based in the UK. We have sites in London, Cambridge, Kent and Andover.


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