Company Values & Code of Conduct

GW Pharmaceuticals is an organization defined by the principles our employees embrace, which are outlined in our company values.

As an organization, we further differentiate ourselves, and hold ourselves accountable to our values, by ensuring that all of our actions and interactions continually align with our Code of Conduct & Ethics (I-CARE).


Company Values
GW Pharmaceuticals’ mission is rooted in unlocking the potential of cannabinoid medicines to address serious medical conditions with limited treatment options. Our efforts are guided by several fundamental principles. At all times we strive to be:

  • patient driven – patients motivate everything we do
  • passionate – we are here to change lives
  • innovative – we challenge ourselves to find new and better approaches
  • collaborative – we accomplish more through working together
  • accountable – we take responsibility and deliver on our commitments
  • integrity – we are fair, honest, and ethical
  • excellence – we strive to work to the highest standards

In continuing to live these values, we believe we can fulfill our mission to be the global leader in prescription cannabinoid medicines, developing and providing pharmaceutical products which address clear unmet needs.

Code of Conduct

We continually reinforce our values through our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Click here to download a copy.

Our primary purpose is to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of patients and their caregivers. All of our actions and decisions tie back to this most important and simple fact. Equally, we want our employees to understand and trust that GW Pharmaceuticals and its US subsidiary, Greenwich Biosciences, is committed to doing the right thing. So, we have made it clear what we expect from all of our colleagues.

Justin Gover
Chief Executive Officer


In addition to providing guidance on our business standards and practices, our I-CARE approach ensures that all of our actions reflect our commitment.

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