Board of Directors

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Dr. Geoffrey Guy - Chairman and Founder

Dr Geoffrey Guy is the founder of the Company and has served as Chairman since 1998. Dr Guy is the creator of Sativex and Epidiolex and continues to lead innovation and new product discovery. Dr Guy has been actively involved in scientific innovation, medical research and global drug development for his entire career. Prior to his role at GW, Dr Guy served as Chairman and Chief Executive of Ethical Holdings plc, a NASDAQ-quoted drug delivery Company (now Amarin Corporation plc, or Amarin), which he founded in 1985 and led to its NASDAQ listing in 1993. He also founded Phytopharm plc in 1989, of which he was Chairman until 1997, and led to its London Stock Exchange listing in 1996.

Dr Guy has been the physician in charge of over 300 clinical studies including first dose in man, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, dose-ranging, controlled clinical trials and large scale multi-centered studies and clinical surveys. He is also an author on numerous scientific publications and has contributed to six books. Dr Guy was appointed as Visiting Professor in the School of Science and Medicine at the University of Buckingham in 2011 and at the University of Westminster in 2016. He also received the “Deloitte Director of the Year Award in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare” in 2011. Dr Guy holds a BSc in pharmacology from the University of London, an MBBS at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, an MRCS Eng and LRCP London, an LMSSA Society of Apothecaries and a Diploma of Pharmaceutical Medicine from the Royal Colleges of Physicians and has been awarded Honorary DSc from University of Reading 2016 for his contributions to science.

James Noble - Deputy Chairman

James Noble has served as a non-executive Director since January 2007. Mr. Noble has extensive experience in the biotech industry and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc, a NASDAQ-listed company (ADAP) involved in T cell therapeutics. Mr. Noble was previously Chief Executive Officer of Avidex Limited, a private biotech company and, until March 2014, was Chief Executive Officer of Immunocore Limited. Mr. Noble qualified as a chartered accountant with PriceWaterhouse in 1983 and then spent seven years at investment bank Kleinwort Benson Limited, where he became a Director in 1990. He then joined British Biotech plc as Chief Financial Officer and secured the company’s IPO on NASDAQ and London in 1992. From 1997 to 2001, he held numerous non-executive Director positions, including at PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc, Oxford GlycoSciences plc, MediGene AG, and Advanced Medical Solutions plc. Mr. Noble graduated from the University of Oxford in 1980. Our board of directors believes Mr. Noble’s qualifications to serve as a member of our board include his financial expertise, his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and his years of experience in his leadership roles as a director and executive officer.

Thomas Lynch - Non-Executive Director

Thomas Lynch has served as a Non-Executive Director since 2010. Mr Lynch currently serves as Chairman of the boards of Evofem Biosciences Inc, Profectus Biosciences Inc and Adherium Inc. Mr Lynch is also chairman of the Ireland East Hospital Group and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. Mr Lynch serves on the board of a number of other privately held biotechnology companies. Mr Lynch previously served as Chairman of Icon plc and was a member of its board for 22 years. Mr Lynch has also worked in a variety of capacities in Amarin Corporation plc, Elan Corporation plc and Warner Chilcott plc. From 2001 to 2010, Mr Lynch was a member of the Board of IDA Ireland (an Irish government investment agency). Mr Lynch qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG in 1983 and served as a partner in that firm from 1990 to 1993.

Cabot Brown - Non-Executive Director

Cabot Brown joined the GW Board in February 2013. Mr. Brown is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Carabiner LLC, a strategic and financial advisory firm based in San Francisco that specializes in healthcare and education. Previously, Mr. Brown served as a Managing Director and Head of the Healthcare Group at GCA Savvian, an international financial advisory firm, from 2011 to 2012. Before joining GCA Savvian, Mr. Brown worked for 10 years at Seven Hills Group, an investment banking group he co-founded where he also directed the firm’s healthcare activities. He also was Managing Director of Brown, McMillan & Co, an investment firm he co-founded that sponsored buy-outs and venture capital investments. From 1987 until 1995, Mr. Brown worked at Volpe, Welty & Company, a boutique investment bank where he co-founded and ran the healthcare practice and served as a member of its Executive Committee. Mr. Brown holds an MBA from Harvard Business School with high distinction as a George F Baker Scholar and an AB cum laude in Government from Harvard College. Our board of directors believes Mr. Brown’s qualifications to serve as a member of our board include his financial expertise, his extensive experience in the health care industry and his years of experience in his leadership roles as a director and executive officer.

Justin Gover - Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Justin Gover has served as Chief Executive Officer of GW Pharmaceuticals since January 1999, shortly after the Company was founded. He has 21 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gover has been the lead executive responsible for the running of the company’s operations, leading equity financings and business development activities. He raised initial rounds of private capital, following which led the company’s initial public offering on the AIM stock exchange in London in 2001, and more recently led GW’s initial public offering on Nasdaq in 2013. In total, he has led equity financing rounds which have raised approx. $900m.

In 2015, Mr. Gover relocated to the U.S. to open the company’s U.S. headquarters in California.  

Prior to joining GW, Mr. Gover was Head of Corporate Affairs at Ethical Holdings plc, a UK-based Nasdaq listed company, where he was responsible for the company’s strategic corporate activities, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, equity financings and investor relations.  

Mr. Gover holds an M.B.A. from the INSEAD business school in France and a BSc (Hons) from Bristol University.